Innovative Trenchless Systems’ patented pipe-bursting equipment: The global leader in performance and speed

Ideal for running sands, sticky clay (gumbo) and rocky conditions
Patented, unique design pulls pipe quickly through running sands, sticky clay, rocky and root-filled terrain and other difficult soil conditions that leave other firms’ machines literally stuck in the mud.

Finish a job in hours, not days
Innovative Trenchless Systems’ machines can pull at speeds 1.5x to 2x faster than that of other equipment. You can finish a job in hours, not days.

99% record of success: 19 years of completed pulls
Many pipe bursting machines have trouble completing pulls in difficult soil conditions. Innovative Trenchless Systems’ machines have completed 99% of pulls attempted in the 19 years they have been in use.

Longest pull on record
Innovative Trenchless Systems’ pull of 1682 feet (513 m) in less than three hours is the longest on record anywhere in the world.

100% record of total customer satisfaction
In 19 years, Innovative Trenchless Systems has won a 100% record of complete customer satisfaction with hundreds of cities in the United States.

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